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Do you need translation? That's easy. Try to do translation yourself using an appropriate dictionary or simply run your text through an automatic translation program and your translation is done. However, if you are not a professional translator, the result may differ from what you have expected.

I, on the other hand, offer professional translation from English and Japanese into Russian and Ukrainian, as well as from Japanese into English. Subject areas and complexity of texts to be translated can vary in a wide range. Completion date of a translation project can be strictly fixed. In case of necessity, urgent translation is also possible.

Nowadays technical translation is very popular and in a great demand. Technical translation implies the usage of the logic-formal style, which is characterized by exact wording and peculiarities of term usage. Improperly done technical translation may result in system malfunction, equipment damage and other undesirable consequences. That is why technical translation should be entrusted only to specialists experienced in certain subject areas. For example, a translation project pertaining to electronics should be done by a specialist experienced in related subject areas.

Technical translation implies translation of user's manuals, patents, installation instructions, staff instructions, technical studying material, research papers, booklets, data charts, drawings, etc.

In case of translating drawings and figures, footnotes are placed at the end of the document and only the text is translated.
Text formatting can be also done at the request of a client. That means preserving the original format, graphics, figures, tables, charts, etc.

In case of translating juridical, financial, economic, technical and medical documentation, translator's signature can be certified by a notary.

Full privacy of translated material and integrity of documents is guaranteed.

Translation examples and translator's contact information can be found on Portfolio and Contacts pages.
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