My experience
Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Alex. My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian. I am a professional translator and proofreader/editor from
Japanese and English into Russian and Ukrainian. I have also had a broad experience in doing translation from Japanese into English. I possess Master's
Degree in Philology plus Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. That fact enables me to translate not only general texts such as novels, belles-lettres,
journalistic essays, advertising publication, etc., but also materials pertaining to various technical subject areas.

My translation experience is over 20 years. Working as an expert and translator at a Patent Service Center, I have obtained considerable experience in
translating patents. I have translated different kinds of texts: both ordinary texts, and descriptions of complex devices as well as complicated technological
processes. I have mostly dealt with the materials relating to the following subject areas: electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics, repair and maintenance
of vehicles, metallurgy, different types of technological processes. You can find my CV here.

As a native Russian speaker, I often do editing and proofreading of texts translated into Russian by other translators.

When possible, I use Trados Studio 2011/2014/2015.

I worked or work now as
Regular or freelance Japanese --> Russian, English --> Russian, English --> Ukrainian and Japanese --> English translator and proofreader
(editor) at the Patent Service Center, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, scientific production associations, translation agencies worldwide,

University Japanese and English teacher.
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The biggest and the most interesting projects I have done are the following
Operation and maintenance manual of Korean passenger cars DAEWOO, models LANOS, NUBIRA, LEGANZA (English --> Russian translation).
The number of words translated is over 250.000.

Full user's manual of a body massage armchair (Japanese --> Russian translation).

Projects pertaining to medicine (implants, instructions for drugs, healthcare diagnostic systems, cancer tratment therapy, etc. - English --> Russian

Regular independent disaster-prevention inspection of overseas sites (海外拠点定期防災自主点検) (Japanese --> English translation).

Translation of birth, marriage and divorce certificates, apostilles, custom declarations and other official documents (all mentioned language pairs).

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